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Beyond the Sunday Service : WhatsApp/Telegram platforms

After the Sunday streaming, there is the need to continue engaging with the congregation to ensure content is internalized to help with application.

We encourage at most two virtual engagements with the virtual church members within the week.

WhatsApp and/or Telegram platforms are great for this if members have them. Else use SMS as well not to miss anyone. It behooves on the church to have a database of the members to be able to get this done.

What you can do:

1.     Create a general group for your members. WhatsApp = 257 people, Telegram = about 10,000people

2.     Create subgroups based on Home Cells or Ministry Department as may be needed.

3.     On any other 2 days  (that the church meets) apart from the Sunday, we encourage that leaders engage         the group in interacting on the Sermon from Sunday.

4.     Other Options

a.      You can agree on having Virtual Prayer meeting on the platform during your prayer meeting day. You can use text and voice together to get this done.

b.     You can also agree on having your mid-week bible study here. We encourage the leaders to focus on the Sermon from Sunday to help in assimilation and application.

1.     Some Basics of the WhatsApp Message(s) you send

1.     Keep message short and simple as possible. Preferably, it should be on one screen               without having members scroll.

2.    Message should be interesting in order to encourage members to read further.

3.     Before posting any information, do some research about it. This is to avoid sending/posting         SPAM.  At least, copy part of what you want to post and paste it in the group search to see if         it has already been posted.

2.     As a Church Group Administrator

1.     Clarify the purpose of creating the group so unnecessary information is not posted, for this will defeat the purpose of the group.

2.     Set the group to administrator post only when a leader or Pastor is about to share content. However, we encourage you to disable this feature as and when discussions are to be done. Else, it will be a monologue and not a group.

3.     Set up the ground rules (let others make input) e.g.

               i.      Have an agreed day/time for discussions? (Convenience is necessary)

               ii.     Everyone should comment and be part of discussion(s).

               iii.    Do not share unrelated content (if you have something, share with individuals and not                         to the group)

                iv.     Respect each other’s opinion (do not attack)

4.     Be innovative and conduct roll calls in the group at times to be sure everyone is “alive”.

5.     Assign roles or responsibilities by day or as applicable to the members of the group so         everyone has something to do.

                  i.     E.g. Mondays – Prayer Request and Prayer led by Kofi

                  ii.     Tuesdays – Sharing of devotionals led by Ama etc

6.     Be sure to have more than 1 administrator so that the group can still be active in case of the               absence of an administrator or loss of phone.

3.     As a Moderator of a Discussion/Bible Study

1.     You are the leader for the period. Be prepared for the topic ahead of time.

2.     Respond to questions that may be related. Unrelated questions can be rescheduled or done             one- on-one.

3.     Do not go to the next question/topic of discussion until there is clarity on the previous         question. Be sensitive to factual and non-factual issues to know when to proceed or let         another Leader/Pastor give clarity.

4.     Try to prompt group members who are consistently unresponsive or not contributing.

5.     Invite other facilitators to the group when discussing difficult/specific topics in consultation          with the administrator. Remove the person after the topical discussion. This may be more                  applicable to ministry groups or departments.


4.     As a Member of the Church Group

1.     Try to participate as much as you can. Only comment or talk if necessary.

2.     Help each other to keep to the purpose of the group.

3.     In managing/preventing SPAM research before posting. At best, copy part of what you want to post          and paste it in the group search to see if it has already been posted.

For help contact:

info@gcmghana.org; digitalministry@gcmghana.org; 0506758586

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