Hope in Times of Crisis, COVID-19

Ideas on Having a Church Service During Covid-19

In this present situation, many churches and groups are looking for ways and means to have a church service or fellowship time. Some have landed on ideas, others are still praying and thinking about what is best to do. There is not one straight forward solution. Different approaches may be used in different settings or environment. At best, creativity is the mother of invention.

Here is an attempt to look at possible options or ideas which may work for various levels of technological connections. Starting from no technology, advance/complex technology and a mixed approach.

1.     Announcement

There should be an announcement to the current members. Depending on the situation, the announcement channels may differ. Eg. If you do not have Home Cells or Bible Study Groups, your announcement may be different from a church that has one.

Your announcement should go by multi-channel communication. Eg. Send notices to your members by SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook or any other means you may think of. Think of which channels your members are using most and use that to spread the word.

a.      SMS

          To make sending SMS (in large numbers) easy, you can consider using a bulk SMS platform. We                 have tried some of these companies and recommend them or any that you know personally.           www.churchmove.com (0248985021), www.wigalsolutions.com (0547930735/0242918679), Asoriba,           Hubtel etc.

b.     The announcement can also be done by bulk voice call. www.churchmove.com (0248985021) offers this               service.

c.     Social Media (WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook etc)

         Find church members on these platforms and send them notices personally. Do your best to send                    message to only your members and not just a generic message to everyone on social media. On social          media, graphics/flyers may be more effective. If you are using text only, try to bolden key points you want          to highlight.

For help or if you want to share other ideas contact:

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