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Small Group Approach to Church

This approach could be used with or without technology. Without technology, the group will need one person to coordinate, a bible and a study guide (if the person is not preaching)

With technology, eg Faceboook live, you need a coordinator who will ensure he or she accesses the sermon and organize the place so that everyone in the group will be able to see and hear.

To use the small group approach, find a way to group or organize the church by families or by location/residence. In using this approach, the directives to sanitize hands and keeping social distancing are still applicable. Do not forget about the children!

a.     Family Group Approach

In a family group setting for fellowship, the following are suggested requirements;

·       A coordinator

·       A possible bible study guide (eg. Your church bible study guide, Daily Guide etc)

·       Possible Format for 1hour

o   Opening Prayer

o   Choruses

o   Bible Study Discussion/Sermon

o   Prayer for Family, Country, Church etc

o   Offertory where applicable


b.     Home cell Approach

This approach can take a similar fashion as the Family Group Approach above.

However, the home cell would require appointed cell group leaders of the church to lead the various cells.

The Home cell group should not exceed 10 people in order to practice good social distancing. There should be someone prepared to teach the children as well.


c.      Using Technology in the Small Group Approach

In the family setting or a home cell setting a viewing device will be needed for this to work.

·       If the Pastor pre-recorded the sermon, then it could be downloaded and watched on a TV or         computer together. The one in charge will need to ensure that everyone can see and hear clearly.·               Lessons learnt and Applications can be discussed after watching.

·       If the church or group decide to use TV or Radio Broadcasts, the family or home cell can still meet to         watch or listen to the broadcast as applicable. It will however be more beneficial, if the family or         home cell plan to discuss/share lessons learnt individually, followed by the individual plans for         application of lesson(s) learnt.

·       If it is Online Streaming,  the one in charge should work on the following:

o   Know the church Social Media handle to access

o   Research your areas to know the stable network and use that for internet

o   Ensure your laptop/mobile or stream device is charged to capacity

o   If you are going to use your phone for internet, then

§  Turn off Social Media notifications

§  Get a new SIM card for data or put your phone in silent mode.

o   Ensure everyone follows the service as though they were in church and not be distracted.


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